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Coonoor hotels are situated in a place on top of the Hulikal Valley, which has an elevation of 1,800 meters above sea level. Resorts in Coonoor are famous for their lush greenery, which is composed of various natural flowers. Hence, if you are going to stay in resorts in Coonoor, you would be awed by the wondrous natural beauty all around that is made even more attractive by the number of birds that frequent the area. No wonder Coonoor hotels are attracting lots of visitors each year.

Among the resorts in Coonoor is a perfumed ground that is composed of cottages amidst spices such as cloves, nutmeg and peppermint planted all around. Such resorts in Coonoor have been enhanced with the improved interior of their cottages, making them so exotic. Staying in Coonoor hotels and the various resorts in Coonoor will place you just nineteen kilometers from Ooty, which is one of the more famous stations on the Nilgiris. Because of the large number of Coonoor hotels and resorts in Coonoor, it became easy for the tourism department of the country to please tourists.

The natural beauty of the place could be easily viewed from the balconies of resorts in Coonoor and Coonoor hotels. You can find two storey suits on resorts in Coonoor that comply with modern architectural standards. Coonoor hotels and resorts in Coonoor also have restaurants that serve different cuisines that are sure to please your taste buds. Coonoor hotels and other resorts in Coonoor also have swimming pools that you can enjoy for swims anytime.

Accommodations in Coonoor hotels and resorts in Coonoor can be grouped into four categories. There are Coonoor hotels deluxe rooms, Coonoor hotels standard rooms, Coonoor hotels superior rooms, and Coonoor hotels suites. Standard rooms in Coonoor hotels are large and with two connected rooms. Superior rooms which can be found in Coonoor hotels are larger, while Coonoor hotels deluxe rooms are provided with plush interior and impeccable ambiance. Resorts in Coonoor do not lag behind though, as they are provided with modern facilities like satellite TV. VIP's may likewise find themselves welcomed in Coonoor hotels.

Resorts in Coonoor can be enjoyed all year round. Mountain breeze and the smell of eucalyptus can be enjoyed in various resorts in Coonoor. It is also natural for guests in resorts in Coonoor to enjoy birdsongs all through the day. Reservations in resorts in Coonoor can be done online.

Details of traditional hotels and decent Restaurants are given.

Name of the Hotels and Restaurants Phone Numbers +91 - 423
Hotel Taj Garden Retreat 2230131
Hotel Velan Ritz 2230637
Hotel Wellington Riga 2232523
Sri Venkateswara Lodge 2234309
Labarrier Inn 2232561
Hotel Blue Hills 2230103
Sri Lakshmi Tourist Home 2231022
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